Condo Rates

Condo Rates


(1-4 persons occupation, taxes not included)

 Off-season  Regular season
 Daily $225 /day $250 /day
 Weekly (7 days +) $185 /day $200 /day
 Monthly (30 days +) $160 /day $175 /day
 4-month lease S2000 /month $2000 /month
 6-month lease $1800 /month $1800 /month
 12-month lease $1500 /month $1500 /month
Senior citizens

(1-4 persons occupation, taxes not included)
A FADOQ membership card or other known association must be presented upon arrival

 Off-season  Regular-season
 Daily $150 /day $165 /day
 Weekly (7 days +) $100 /day $115 /day
 Monthly (30 days +) $80 /day $90 /day
 4-month lease $1500 /month $1500 /month
 6-month lease $1200 /month $1200 /month
 12-month lease $1000 /month $1000 /month
Web Special

(1-4 persons occupation, taxes not included)
By mentioning that you visited our website, you are eligible to these rates:

 Off-season  Saison
  Daily $160 /day $175 /day
  Weekly (7 days +) $110 /day $125 /day
  Monthly (30 days +) $85 /day $100 /day
  4-month lease $1500 /month $1500 /month
  6-month lease $1200 /month $1200 /month
  12-month lease $1000 /month $1000 /month
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Motel condos

The Motel Blanchet Inc. offers motel condos of superior quality, at interesting prices for short and long term stays.

Condos are not available for booking online. A lease must be signed to confirm the reservation. Please call at (819) 477-0222 or at our toll-free number 1 (800) 567-3823.

Recommended occupation : two couples (4 adults) or family (maximum of 6 persons)
Ideal for a long stay. Daily, weekly, monthly, or with a lease of 4, 6 or 12 months rates available.


Regular and off-season

Our rates may vary depending on the offer and demand of the season.  During the regular season, our regular rate is applicable, and during the off-season, we apply discounts that will be profitable for our clientele.

Regular season, May to September
Off-Season, September to May


1st floor rooms have parking spots right in front of their doors. Those on the 2nd floor may also park for no additional fee. Venue users have access to a big parking giving on the “The Favourite” great hall. 

For reservations or additional information 

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Condos clef en main disponibles

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Le Motel Blanchet Inc.


Fully Equipe Condos available

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Please note that all our services are functional.

We take the situation very seriously and have taken strict sanitary measures to ensure your safety during your stay in our establishment.

Thank you for your confidence.

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